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Our team constructs, registers, and arranges financing for all types of green bond issues for companies with projects that may include manufacturing of solar, wind, and geothermal projects,  infrastructure projects in which the owner has a largely unencumbered asset, and seeks non-dilutive financing to realize the potential of their project. 

Debt finance via a green bond issue has several advantages over the usual equity or bank finance routes.  For example, on bond maturity, the project owner typically is free of any liens or profit participation by a traditional lender/investor.  Furthermore, the interest “coupon” is fixed for the length of the bond.


We work with international experts creating asset backed green bonds. (Secured Green Bonds)



Our bond management team specializes in non-dilutive project finance via bond issues.



Depending on the complexity of certain projects, the due diligence inquiries can take some time. We can provide a detailed timeline for the implementation of the entire process, once we analyze key factors at the outset.


Bond Team


In certain instances Impact International will fund the total process for exceptional clients.

Service is turnkey and includes: ​

  • Advice on appropriate bond size and maturity, coupon

  • Management of due diligence to shape it into the format acceptable to the rating agency and provides certification

  • Arrangement of price insurance where appropriate, and/or hedging 

  • Recommendation of legal, accountancy and trustee bank (rated at least ‘A’) 

  • Arrangement of bond ISIN number and registration with Euroclear, Clearstream if required 


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