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Impact investing refers to investments "made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to
generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside (or in lieu of) a financial return.

The growing impact investment market provides capital to address the world’s most pressing challenges in sectors such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, conservation, microfinance, and affordable and accessible basic services including housing, healthcare, and education.

Who is making impact investments?

Impact investment has attracted a wide variety of investors, both individual and institutional.

· Fund Managers

· Development finance institutions

· Diversified financial institutions/banks

· Private foundations

· Pension funds and insurance companies

· Family Offices

· Individual investors

· NGOs

· Religious institutions


Mountain Trees

Impact Investment Market Activity and Trends

While interest in impact investing continues to accelerate, estimates of the global market size vary. An annual survey conducted by JP Morgan in 2015 showed that globally, impact investors managed USD 60 billion as of 2014, and were expected to commit an additional USD 12.2 billion to impact investments in 2015.[1] This growth has been largely driven by increased capital commitments from foundations, development finance institutions, impact investment funds, family offices and by governments that are using their capital to achieve a blended financial and social return. Many of the world’s largest financial institutions are engaged in or are actively exploring impact investing in a variety of ways,

including through investing their own capital, or as stewards of capital from clients. Some mainstream financial institutions have provided customized strategies for high net worth individuals and families within private wealth management departments, and others are offering SRI products, and seeking to broaden their range of products to include options that integrate impact investing.

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